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State-of-the-art dental services

that do not differ from natural teeth, combined with absolute wearing comfort and safety during chewing, talking and laughing.
The Master company John Cooper Dental stands for the highest quality standards with a service offer for your health and wellbeing. Due to the processing of certified materials and a denture made in Germany under the most stringent quality standards, the John Cooper Dental guarantees the best conditions for dental restoration at the highest level.

Crown – bridges – technique

Pointing at the crown and bridge technology, existing teeth are a strong base for the dentist, on which a perfectly fitting underframe is then produced. This substructure is made of metal or other materials such as zirconium oxide or full ceramics. The application of several ceramic layers to the substructure results in a denture which does not differ from natural teeth in color, shape and function.

For your dentures, we use only high-quality materials


In the FULL CERAMICS, everything (the scaffolding and the veneer) consists of one piece in perfect, high-quality ceramic. The manufacture and aesthetic adjustment of full ceramic dentures requires the utmost care and technical perfection.

Due to its high flexural strength and crack tenacity, ZIRCONOXIDE is very suitable for the production of full ceramic crowns and bridge frameworks. It is characterized by high aesthetics and excellent biocompatibility. Zirconium oxide has, in addition to excellent material properties – hardness and biocompatibility – the advantage to be processed with the highest degree of precision using the latest 3D computer technology. Using laser technology, the dentures made of this material are accurately measured and manufactured to the 1000 μm millimeter.


GOLD is a perfect material for all dental restorations. It is particularly suitable due to its material properties and is extremely durable. Gold alloys certainly do not cause allergies.

Non-precious metal alloys consist exclusively of base constituents and can lead to incompatibilities (allergies) in unfavorable conditions in the patient’s mouth. Only the low metal costs speak for the nonferrous metal alloy.


If several teeth are missing, so that bridging is no longer possible, a supply can be performed via a removable partial denture.


In the case of a model cast prosthesis, the removable partial denture is anchored by staples to the residual dentition which is still present. These braces and pads are visible and aesthetically disturbing. Furthermore, in certain circumstances, they damage the tooth fuse and the tooth holding apparatus. This dental prosthesis is along the legislature adequate, appropriate and economical, but it does not correspond to the state of the art in science and technology.


In the case of a telescoping prosthesis, the removable partial denture is attached “invisibly” to the residual dentition without clamps. This is done by means of parallel-milled primary crowns which are attached to the residual dentition. Crowns, which are connected to the removable dental prosthesis, are again placed on these primary crowns.

Dental prosthesis with telescopic crowns provides excellent wearing comfort and is aesthetically very high-quality.


A prosthesis prosthesis is a high-quality combined form of fixed and removable dentures. Existing teeth are crowned. On these crowns, the removable dental prosthesis is anchored with so-called pushes. These attachments are not visible and provide excellent aesthetic dentures with very high wearing comfort.


Implants are a valuable investment in your health.

A dental implant is an artificial foundation that replaces the natural tooth root and thus provides new support for fixed dentures. Modern dental implants are usually cylindrical or helical bodies made of titanium, which are inserted into the jaw by the dentist and are then adhered to the jaw bone. A new tooth crown or a push button or a bridge for attaching a prosthesis can then be applied to the head part.

Tooth implants are the only solution to preserve healthy teeth when they are placed in a gap. They are used to preserve the jaw bone and provide a basis for many prosthetic restorations due to their permanent bone anchoring. Allergic reactions are unknown. We do not have any assembly line work, because each piece is a unique piece of work, which does not differ from the natural tooth in color, form and function.


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